16 thoughts on “Powerful Human Voices: Standing Rock Responds to Threat of Eviction from Army Corps of Engineers

  1. Honestly, does that pipeline just HAVE to go where it will disrupt the lives of so many people? Probably just one more step leading to genocide as a way of taking what they want from anyone who dares to stand in the way.

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    1. By the original treaties signed by these nations, that land is theirs. Our government has a terrible record regarding those treaties. The Bakken Oil Fields (fracking) are a financial bust anyway. I think the pipeline is a “cheap” way to try and make $ off of a financial disaster in N. Dakota. It is sad. We need to put more into green tech, which has improved significantly in the last few years. This is just about greed and power…
      Thanks for adding your voice here, Angie!

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      1. Unfortunately we have a terrible policy of ignoring treaties with the people who own the land, treaty or no treaty. Columbus did no favor for anyone native to this country when he landed here. It’s been one broken treaty after another and all in the name of greed.

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