28 thoughts on “A Wicked Haiku and a Video Too

  1. Great video! You are onto something there. An impotent, frightened man trying to bluster his way through life by faking control. Lots of bravado but I see deep pain and lashing out. Dangerous. The Wizard was finally uncovered. 🙂

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  2. That’s wonderful, Tanya. Thank you saving this dance for me. It takes two to tango. The way you construct is very interesting. I have used that method and teach it when I give workshops. It can be very effective. I also used it in academia: equally so. I would suggest a creative video where you construct a poem that way and comment on it (rather than the music) as you create. That would be very insightful and a great help to many writers, I think. Otherwise, my own James Bond thought is “Shaken, not stirred.”

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    1. Thank you, Roger. I need a better sound set up to record voice. Brian and I played around with that on some older work, and the equipment I have is dismal. I think it would be fun to do that with a longer work…my notes are crazy like that….all arrows and colors and crossed out ideas. But it’s a good idea. I think we learn from pulling apart our own processes sometimes.
      (Glad you came to dance with me…I’m working up to yours…I will get there…Lol)

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  3. Another goodie, Tanya! Hope you’re doing well today. We have a nice day today, but rain is coming over the next four days…a cold rain at that!


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      1. I believe it is harder to control a car on ice than it is in plain snow…but I’m inexperienced in both instances. Glad you made it through all that in good shape, Tanya. Is Wisconsin a state with a lot of snow in the winters and then hot and humid in summer?

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      2. Depends on the part of the state. Where I’m at, we get a moderate amount of snow and alternate between very cold days and mild ones in winter. Summers are cool at night and warm during the day…sometimes hot and humid, but not too bad. The climate here is moderated by all the lakes. It isn’t like soCal though…Lol

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      3. No…where I live is close to the desert regions. We have warmer winters and maybe some rain…snow in the mountains at times.

        The summers are hot to very hot, reaching 100 degrees plus, sometimes for several days in a row. I really don’t like that kind of heat, but it is dry, not humid. It sounds like you have pretty good weather there!

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      4. I guess that can be said of most places. I’m not going to complain…This is a day which the Lord has made, in it I will be glad! (Psalm 118:24).

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