41 thoughts on “The Wall

      1. If there is an upside to it, and I’m stretching here, his election exposes just how far gone some of the thinking in this country is. I can’t believe he was elected. It’s like a really bad episode of the Twilight Zone. I’m working on another one of these about “fake news”. It’s a term the Donald knows well.

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    1. Then there is the fact that almost 3 million people didn’t have their votes counted because of our Electoral College. We say “liberty”, but we don’t apply it. It is shameful.
      I would love to see him removed.

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    1. Thank you so much! I have a few more of these planned. The current administration is inspiring…Lol
      America is a mix of things. It always was. It always will be. I am just hoping that the voice of real brotherly love will prevail here. Either way, we keep speaking out!


  1. Tanya, I am not a Trump supporter and didn’t vote for him. Still I think we need to be more careful about who we let into our country these days. The wall may not be the answer, but some sort of stricter security needs to be in place. This wouldn’t apply to people who have proper documentation to live or stay here, but to those whom we know nothing about. The world is not a safe place…

    Have a good day and be safe.
    Steve 🙂

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    1. The world has never been a safe place. I would much rather see that money go to feed and clothe the poor. Walls don’t stop disease and natural disaster. They don’t prevent war or greed. I also think we have plenty of scary people in our country already who are US citizens. Those who really want to cause trouble won’t allow a wall to stop them anyway. My view of country, land and home is that they are resources we are blessed to use for the time we are given them. Our best use of our resources involves a helping hand to our neighbors. They are just my thoughts, but the figure for that wall involves a lot of zeros…Thanks, Steve! You have a great day as well!😊

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      1. I agree with the points you have made here, Tanya. I don’t believe a wall will do much good. And the cost of building that wall could go to some of the other causes you have mentioned here…and I wish it would!

        Enjoy your day and evening, my friend…


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