82 thoughts on “Bombing for Booty

      1. I have my GI Joe action figures (dolls) from my childhood, the big ones with beards and the pull cords, so they talk. The only thing I kept from my kid days, but not in any boxes, these were played with daily back then.

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      2. Lincoln logs are fun. My children used to build with them when they were younger. I still have them packed away somewhere. My teenage boy has an architectural Lego set. The pieces are small and allow for building “design”. It’s very cool. I still love the Lincoln logs. It was always fun to see how tall we could make a “cabin”.

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      3. Lol…Do you know how hard they are to destroy? I beat on that doll with a hammer for 30 minutes before I cracked his chest. He was just the “double” though…(I keep my children laughing)😊

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      1. Thank you, Manuel! I’m thrilled that liked it. The second chapter, “Seduction through Slaughter”, is in production now. It will probably be up the week of the 17th. It takes many days to shoot and edit these. They are tremendous fun to make!

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  1. This is hilarious. I love the way he cradles that phone … and wow … no I want a pink sports car. I think my neighbors would be out in force, carrying a strait-jacket, if I made a video like that. What fun!

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    1. His arms don’t bend. It was the biggest challenge in working this these dolls. I used a lot of tape! Thank you, Roger. Episode 2, “Seduction Through Slaughter” is in production now…Lol
      More smoke bombs!!!!

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      1. Oh boy, I’ll look forward to seeing it. “Bomb Productions” presents a film by “Tanya Cliff.” Who knows where this all could lead? Enjoy your day as well, my friend…(Hey, it’s going to be 85-88 degrees here for the next few days. Way too hot!)



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      2. You sure sound like a California girl trapped in Wisconsin weather! You are active and like to get out of doors. And I will be watching, of course, for more film productions!

        Enjoy the weekend, Tanya…


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