“We are lost.” *

It is a new beginning, an adaptation of my old fantasy novel, unearthed under mounds of verbal dirt. My writer’s brain grew. My editing skills sharpened. Like a painter learning a new medium, I have cultivated my storytelling skills in poetry and repainted the old tale on a fresh canvass. The rambling paragraph that once started this tale has been scrapped.  I’ve burned the dross off the plot and allowed my characters to carry it.

The book has a new cover and a new name. Loni and Dovni may be momentarily lost in the first chapter, but the story has been found.

Next week, I will be sharing the first four chapters of the book and providing a link to the eBook on Amazon as soon as it goes live. This summer I will follow with the next two books in the series, both in final rewrite.

*Opening line of The Legend of the Lumenstones: The Lightbearer

Words and cover art©2017 Tanya Cliff

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50 thoughts on “Found

      1. Well that sleep lasted all of an hour. I am now prepping my baked Greek chicken wrapped in Greek bacon for today’s dinner. Once a cook, always trying new recipes. Some nights the brain just will not shut off, so cooking is my escape.

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      1. And I yours, Tanya! Have a “gray day” here in sunny Ca. But just now, as I say that, here comes the sun. We’re on a cool down…mid to high 70’s, but that won’t last long. Spring is just another name for the cooler part of summer!


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      2. I think I sent you too much…we are having an overcast day, but still in the 70’s. Have a great evening, Tanya 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Roger! No, I didn’t say anything about it until I knew I had the adaptation where I wanted it. The story reads up to its potential now. I’m excited about it. You’ll get a sample next week! Your encouragement means a great deal to me!

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      1. Sometimes it is better to work in silence. I find that talking about my work in progress diminishes my ability to write. Write first and talk after … that’s my motto. Actually, that’s a good topic for a post and a workshop … see … inspiration …

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