We Play

we play
content all day
under green canopy
we cross cool brook’s laughing waters
on scattered-stone bridges and fallen logs
climb on rock outcroppings adorned
with taproot tapestries
in Nature’s lap
we play


Words and Photography ©2018 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

Entry posted in poetry & Rictameter Verse.

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18 thoughts on “We Play

      1. Well, it rains in spurts. This is good. The temperature has gone down by 10-12 degrees Celsius. That is good. It’s humid, and I don’t like humidity. Yet, you can’t have it all! The problem in Delhi, is the drainage. 15 minutes of rain, and the streets are flooded! I spent many years in wet areas, so I know how to drive in these conditions. Not my fellow “Dilli-wallahs” as they are called!

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      2. In Delhi you have to drive carefully.. people here are truly insane. They drive on the wrong side of the road… they reverse their cars mid way…… etc etc I am now practising “Driving Meditation”

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      3. hahahaha
        Just so you don’t meditate while driving. I would need to blast music and get into serious “video game defensive mode” to survive that. 😊


      4. Hahahaha
        That is good! When I was a child, my dad would yell at crazy drivers. If they heard him, it made them drive even worse. 😂 Those people need all the concentration they can muster. But, the music will help keep you sane.


      5. I can imagine! Several years back when my kids were younger, a woman was driving crazily and came in my path.. I lowered the window and yelled at her- “You crazy bitch”!! Then, we started babbling, I showed her my middle finger…
        Very rude, I know..

        Then, I suddenly realised that my kids were with me!

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