Haiku for Ricky

roots of child neglect
contort Ricky Baker’s feet
strong hands cut safe paths

All proceeds from the sales of this book go to fund art programs for children in juvenile detention centers.

A Haiku for Ricky Baker, a book of poetry including pieces telling the stories of neglected and endangered children like Ricky Baker, the young protagonist in the 2016 Taika Waititi film, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, is now available at Amazon. The seeds for the book were planted when selections of my writing were used with at-risk youth to foster artistic expression and encourage creative outlets for healing and growth. To read more about the inspiration that led to the project, visit my post “Ricky Baker”.

Every child deserves a chance at a happy and productive life. A Haiku for Ricky Baker is an expression of the cut I’m making in the roots of child abuse.

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