The Legend of the Lumenstones


“The Lightbearers called them Deathrocks, for that is all they wrought…”

Mattoby the Gat believes he has discovered a Lumenstone in Lependore, the boggy
city of men. If he is right, evil has found a new foothold in the world. To answer
the challenge, he calls together a gathering of people from the surrounding nations.
His motley crew ranges from Loni and Dovni, the short men of Hill Country, to Lorien
Andumae, the last of the Valdaren Lightbearers and the only one with the power
to destroy the cursed rocks.

This mismatched group of heroes will set out on a quest to uncover the secret of
the Lumenstones…
if they can first survive witches, young dragons, a Valdaren banquet and
each other.


The Lightbearer

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Selections from BOOK 1: The Lightbearer

Chapter 1 – “Lost”

Chapter 2 – “A Test”

Chapter 3 – “The Task at Hand”

Chapter 4 – “The Captain of the Guards”

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