My Haiku

words ~ felt, breathed, cried, bled ~

added to novel’s body

this tale, constructing


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📸 Alannah Cliff

Quotes #2

The old printing press laughed at me and mocked my technology,

“The novel is still written one letter at a time.”




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Note: Photos taken at Stonefield Village, part of the Wisconsin Historic Society

Review: The Legend of the Lumenstones ~ by Patty at Dreampack

Among the blogs and websites I follow myself, I have a few authors on my weekly reading list. For Katherin E. Garland I wrote my first review on my website in Patty-style as I like to call it, because I am not an official reviewer 😉 Last year, I  also wrote two reviews for Richard M. Ankers and one for another talented writer Tanya Cliff.

Since then, Tanya has finished the third book of her series and its high time I share with you my thoughts on it. The review regarding the first two parts you can read HERE (click)

I don’t like cliffhangers, therefore, normally, I try to stay away from series. Once hooked on a story however, I am apparently an addictive person and will watch or read everything. Having read parts one and two, I just had to read the next part.

My thoughts on the third book:

The author takes the heroes of the story on an adventurous journey and her writing style will make you laugh, cry, fear together with the characters. I am still debating whether I want to be a Gat or a Lightbearer, I surely hope I will never turn into a werewolf.

A while ago I found a little white round stone and I couldn’t help wondering if it could be a Lumenstone. If that is good or evil, you really have to read the book(s) for yourself 😉

Like I wrote in the previous review: Tanya created wonderful different personalities, living in a world easy to imagine and an intriguing story-line.
And if that isn’t enough, she also created thrilling twists in a vivid way, hence the easiness to lose yourself in this imaginary world.

Dear Tanya, once again, many thanks for your gift: The book itself and your willingness to share your talent with us readers and publish your pieces of art. The signed copy was one of my favorite birthday gifts this year 🙂

Visit this talented writer and Beautiful Soul at her website, on which you can find of course all information to order The Legends, but also beautiful other pieces of art as poetry and photographs.


My note: Thank you, Patty! This made my day! You can read the review for Legends here

and check out Patty’s lovely blog here.

You can check out additional reviews and purchase the book @Amazon.


danced on the edge of the baker’s knife
the plot thickened
like chocolate ganache
until it crumbled

tension released
in a shower of shavings
over the already frosted

hands, poised to crack open the book,
positioned the knife
and sliced deeply

then, like cake devoured,
the story

baker and patron,
reader and writer,


Words and Photography ©2018 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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While Humans Built

while humans built towers
the meaning was in stars
and the petals of flowers

spun on an orb weaver’s thread
sparkling with dew,
tapped in the fertile soil
by the tree’s persistent roots,
tossed by the brute wind
like the dead leaves of autumn

flowing like the cool, clear waters
of the ground-sprung creek

cleansing like the rain
warming like the sun
blanketing like snow stores undone
flying on the wings of birds and butterflies
churning up the earth like worms
standing firm like rock
eroding like sand


like the great willow
ever growing toward the sky
still, cascading to the ground
sheltering life
in its tent
of leaves

while humans built towers
the beauty was in stars
and the petals of flowers


Words and Photography ©2018 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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Quotes #1

“Fantasy is more than a trick of illusion. It is the sweat of invention dripped onto the page.”

~Tanya Cliff



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Trace the Edges

I lie in the grass
like I did as a child
and look up to the sky
trace my fingers along the edges of the clouds drifting by –

a ship with tall sails
cuts through the deep blue

a girl dances
in a billowing skirt

a hippopotamus sticks its head out of the river,
its mouth gaping,
or is it the mouth of a crocodile
lurking under the surface of the Nile

the egrets on the bank don’t look worried
they will grab their meals
and then take flight

the canopy of a forest

the mountain peaks

a strange system of planets
in an alternate universe

the little stone I skipped in the pond yesterday,
it went farther than I thought it could possibly go

like my dreams
of childhood and today,
soaring – these clouds –
stories I long to tell

to be seen by others
as they lie in the grass
and look up to the sky
and trace the edges
of me


Words and Photography ©2018 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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devour the writer

taste the words
savor them on your tongue
allow them to digest
until their nutrients
absorb into your cells
feeding you

let ink –
the layers of metaphor,
construct –

there, the writer –
stripped bare
will be
inside you


Words and Photography ©2018 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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