Cracking the Past’s Glass

My pen is a mighty tool.

It shatters the glass of past bigotries. It pierces a heart of superior stone. It chisels a smile from a frozen face. It draws a protective line around a vulnerable soul. It sparks a fire that burns the collective forest down. It injects a medicinal dose of life into a withering vein.

I move my pen daily. I’m motivated. I see castles that need clipping and dirt floors that need covering. I view souls in need of warmth and inspiration and others in need of serious correction. My pen flows. My pen jabs.

I add to my body of work on this blog weekly, celebrating the beauty of the natural world, striking at social ills, discussing the writing process and simply telling stories, usually with my own quirky humor on display.

I invite you to pull up a chair and stay.

Just watch where you step.

I’m cracking glass.

Words and photography ©2017 Tanya Cliff. Bookmark the permalink.

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