51 thoughts on “My Haiku Addiction

      1. Thank you, Rob. That’s really kind. Say, my book of poems, A Haiku for Ricky Baker is going live on Amazon in the next 12 hours or so in eBook…all the proceeds go to fund art for at-risk youth. I’m also lining up people to receive softcover from me in exchange for review…I’ll post on it in the next few days, but you might find it interesting…good cause as well. I’m going to be looking for blogging friends to help spread the word…

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      2. You’ve got my support. I’ll reblog your blog and get it out there for you. You should do an Instagram cover. My blog automatically goes to my facebook, twitter, and Tumblr accounts as well

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      3. Thank you, Rob. I really appreciate it. A full 70% of sales of the eBook go to art programs. The softcover margins are tighter, but it still works to between $1.50 – $2.50 a book…Hopefully, I can sell a lot of them.

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  1. Now that is quite a bit more on the “lite” side today as you have promised. I love the photo too! Tanya, do feel free to put your feelings into your words at anytime…as if you needed my permission to do so…Lol!

    Steve 🙂

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    1. Lol…I’m pretty good at doing that, Steve. I have a book of poems being released on Amazon in eBook by tonight or tomorrow, A Haiku for Ricky Baker. All the proceeds are going to fund art programs for at-risk youth. Will post more as soon as it is live…

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      1. I know, I think the one I read on your website today was from that book. What a great thing to do, Tanya! Helping children in any way is so essential today!

        May the Lord bless your work…


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      2. Thank you, Steve! Yes, that was from the book. I have a link where you can review and purchase the book on there now. It’s a short, but powerful book. If you know anyone who might be interested, I need to get as many Amazon reviews as I can.
        Thank you!😊

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      3. You are very welcome, Tanya. Since I am retired now, I don’t have as many people that I see each day, but I wish you the best with your book…


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      4. Thank you, Steve. Every single book and every single review counts. I had an exchange with my friend who works in juvenile detention. She said that it is difficult to get a lot of these children to read novels, but she’s hopeful that the short poems and haiku might inspire them. I’ll be sending her books as soon as I get the softcover. I’m funding that part myself, so that all the money raised can go into art and writing programs for these children.

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      5. That makes sense. A short read for shorter attention spans. I love to ponder a bit on a short verse or poem myself. It takes a good book to keep my attention. Again, Tanya, I think it is wonderful what you are doing for these children! 🙂 🙂

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      6. I hope and wish you and the project very good things and great success! Knowing the kind of big-hearted person you are, I know you are sincere in your hopes for this deal!


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    1. Lol…I was just going to e-mail you about my book of poetry with the proceeds going to fund art for at-risk youth (70% of eBook sales and all other proceeds). I posted on it today. Lots of haiku in it and free verse and other good stuff…
      Have a great day, Steven!


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