world extends frozen branches
with icy-jeweled, cruel hearts –
your wandering self shivers

hold out your hand
limbs burn
leaving red marks on exposed skin –
you’re numb with bitten touch

open your mouth
berries stick
peeling buds off tasting tongue –
you spit out bloodied words

brush to the side
leaves crackle
reminding ears of love’s warm fires –
you moan homesick desires

stare closely
ice reflects
blinding eyes with dazzling sparkle –
you squint, shed many tears

breathe in
scent disappoints
leaving nostrils cold and vacant –
you sneeze rejection’s virus

journey home
steps quicken
sparks awaken all your senses –
at hearth, rekindle your soul’s flame


Words and Photography ©2017 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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(Inspired by my oldest son’s return for spring break. There’s no place like home.)

67 thoughts on “Journey

    1. Thank you! Say, you had re-blog today up about bee and butterfly preservation in Iowa City. We were talking about Madison last night. That really is the “liberal corridor” of this part of the country, if you look at voting patterns, community involvement, green tech, and so on…
      We need to grow it.

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      1. I had an apartment in Cedar Rapids, Iowa until I moved to Sicily last October, in 2008 I moved there to take a chef job, 3 months after arriving to start work there was a “great flood” that took the restaurant. I stayed in CR for the early voting thing, but also had a home in Chicago.

        CR was cool, but not close to Madison in culture.

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      2. Have you lived in Wisconsin a long time? You want the cold winter wind, visit Chicago in February, when the wind chill off the Chicago River as you cross the Loop Bridge downtown hits 15 below zero at high noon.

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      3. They don’t call it the “Windy City” for nothing. I was born in WI and have lived here off and on all my life. I’m a UW-Madison graduate who fell in love with the city during those years.

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      4. The fishing in Wisconsin was magnificent when I was a youth. My fondest childhood memories are of the times spent in Omro, Wisconsin fishing on the Fox River.

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      5. OK, I won’t take anymore of your time, it’s always a pleasure to talk with you. Enjoy your International Woman’s Day. Be Well & Stay Safe.

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    1. Lol…Thank you, Roger! It is why I choose that picture. In my mind it symbolizes the way the world can seem welcoming at times but actually be quite cold and deceptive…a reminder that real love and warmth are the people you call “home”.

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  1. Hello Tanya, we’ve bumped into each other after quite some time I think! Good to know your son is home for his break, I hope you have the best time ever with him. And wish you a happy women’s day 🙂

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