48 thoughts on “A Tanka Daydream

      1. I learn far more from you than you ever will from me. I’m finding the forms addictive and beneficial. Rictameter, in particular, because it starts and ends with the same two syllables, forces me to think about a poem as a complete thought from the start. They are challenging to write.

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      2. My two daughters, Hannah (30) and Holly (26) were both obsessed with fashion at an early age, partly because when they stayed with their dad they met a lot of fashion models. I always told them, fashion follows, style leads. It’s not quite as sublime as Emerson but it tells the same story

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      3. I hope they appreciate it. I know my style choices often embarrassed my girls – I brought home a truckload of hip hop gear for them, bought in Manhattan’s Yellow Rat Bastard in the late ’80s and they were mortified. It took a year before they started mining the box. They were still way ahead of the herd though. Meanwhile their dad was wearing bespoke Irish tweed suits when his contemporaries were sporting Prada.

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  1. This one certainly speaks to cabin fever and the desire to get out in God’s beauty and revel in it a bit! A lovely piece as always, Tanya. Hey, how did the fundraising project go?


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    1. Thank you, Steve! The book is up on Amazon. I have great reviews on it so far and a few more to come…I hope. Sales continue to trickle in. I need to spend some time seeking out additional PR for the project. I have a review coming up in a poetry magazine soon. It just takes time.

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      1. Time and patience, no doubt! It will all happen for the good you hope for, Tanya. I’m proud of you and your efforts with this project! Meanwhile, it is time to “Exec. Produce” another “Tanya Cliff” bomb film…

        Boom! (drop the mic…)


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      2. I’m sure they played with full intensity! My weekend was a bit disappointing, but hope for better to come. A belated thanks and you enjoy your day, my friend! 🙂

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