22 thoughts on “The Kiss of a Haiku # 2

      1. Agreed! My oldest is on his way home from college. We will have a fun week getting caught with him and enjoying the finally beautiful weather.
        and more book editing for me…

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      2. I do not think I was aware you had a son in college, you look as if you are in your mid 20’s…..one day you must consider marketing your beauty secrets for CVS/Walgreens to sell on their pharmacy store shelves.

        Enjoy your time getting reacquainted.

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      3. Haha…Thank you! We will. I am blessed with healthy living, a positive attitude and amazing DNA. My 90 year old grandmother is still lovely and lives at home with my 94 year old grandfather. They are both mobile and walk for coffee once or twice a day. My grandmother takes food to shut-ins 15 years her junior…
        So, no secrets…just good, joyful living.

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    1. Hi, Steven! Both this haiku and the first that I put up last week play with the word “embouchure”. That is the way the player of a wind instrument holds his or her mouth. It is also the archaic word for the place where a river empties into a large body of water. I would have published them together, but I wrote them at different times. Hope that helps! Have a wonderful day, my friend!


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