The Paint Brush

paint brush
in growing hands
my dreaming progeny
experiments in bold color
unabashed, she crafts O’Keeffe in abstract
flower frolics across canvas
young fingers in the lead
such fortunate
paint brush


Words and Photography ©2017 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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38 thoughts on “The Paint Brush

      1. I do not believe blessings will help the millions of People Of Color who are being executed worldwide but especially in the USA, bu KKKops who murder but get acquitted by an even more corrupt justice system, that the evil corrupt law enforcement officials who pull the trigger on unarmed humans.

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      2. No, they won’t. Every time I hope we are taking steps forward in this country, we turn around and take leaps backward. It is discouraging. Look at the numbers in juvenile detention. They are appalling.
        We have a long way to go…

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      3. The longest journey begins with one step forward. Problem is humans refuse to take that first step forward.

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      4. It certainly feels that way, especially in this climate. We should have moved past these issues long ago and learned to care for all our brothers and sisters on this earth as our human family.

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      1. You are welcome. All the best to your daughter as she discovers her style. My daughter Lindsay was drawing or painting something 24/7 as a child and is now a Fine Arts graduate of UF. Her pictures grace our walls at home but it is her simple “daddy I love you” pictures that I cherish the most. ^.^

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  1. What a beautiful flower! An arrangement I just got for my wife had a couple of these in it. Masterful poetry to go along with the flower…good job, Tanya.


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      1. Well, it is beautiful, just as I’m sure your daughter is! Enjoy your weekend, (gorgeous day here today)… 🙂

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