53 thoughts on “A Stretching Haiku

      1. Writing is an art form not unlike a roaring fire. Once you ignite the wood, it’s something one must enjoy while it’s hot & colorful. Good luck with the progress.

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      2. My wife was an artist, she wrote, painted, drew, took amazing photos and was a poet. Magnificent talent she was.

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      3. Those are such beautiful gifts to share with the world. I adore people like that.
        She was…
        Has she passed? I’m so sorry if that is the case…


      4. Your compassion for the plight of others is amazing. I’m so sorry that you had to let them go…far too early. I do understand “another lifetime”. Thank you for sharing. Namaste.

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    1. Hi, Steve! Thank you. I have cut my posts to just Mondays and Thursdays, because I am really busy with editing my next two books and preparing to take Ken on the next “leg” of his stop motion journey. I’m still here! I’m just busy “behind the scenes”. Hope you are having a great week!

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      1. Thanks for checking in, Tanya! I’m just back from a vacation to Washington and Oregon. It was nice to get away for a week. Glad to hear you are busy and plan for more movies, etc.! Best of everything for your two new books, and be easy on Ken!

        Enjoy your day…


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      2. And I appreciate your support here as well. Let’s stay in touch…I’ll try to remember you are only posting on Mon. and Thrus. now. Have a great evening, Tanya. 🙂

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