The Goldilocks Dichotomy

she shivered in the shallow waters
tasted the tepid drink
too cool to soothe
too warm to quench
was trapped in the kitchen sink
when her yellow ringlets
in the u-bend of the old pipes

she was trying to dye her hair
Raven Black
she thought Snow White had all the best luck
but, in reality, the seven dwarfs didn’t give a fuck
as their porcelain-skinned, fairy-tale thrall
labored under fruity delusions
of a someday-coming prince

could have cut her hair,
but she would not part with a single inch
though she lived on a first floor flat
she had Rapunzel on the brain
her lengthy locks clogged the drain
trapping the girl
by her sunny mane

she waited for the prince who never came
the water pooled over her dainty feet
she shivered in the shallow waters
believing herself
the poor girl never grasped
fairy tale


Words and Photography ©2018 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

Posted in poetry & free verse

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