thirst of journey
through time’s scorched-earth sand dunes
desert-oasis pond appears
gathered by lore’s cupped hand, lapped by dry tongue
waters of youth’s giving fountain
wet sojourner’s parched lips
old soul’s desire


Words and Photography ©2018 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

Entry posted in poetry & Rictameter Verse.

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32 thoughts on “Quenching

    1. You have entered the Monsoon season. We are having dry weather here, so I wasn’t thinking Monsoon when I wrote this. Rajiv, just for you, I am imagining a sunny oasis with a hammock to rest in and lots of palm trees and a little, cool creek running through it. (No torrential rain allowed). Stay dry and safe! ☔️☀️🌴😊


      1. This year, the monsoon is bizarre. There is so much rain along the western coast of India, that they are flooded. In the North, lots of humidity, but no rain. Last week, the temperature was 38 Celsius, with a real feel of 49 Celsius.. I thought I was going to die!

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      2. Actually, I would like to hang some of our politicians!! It seems your President will visit India on 26 Jan 2019 as the Chief Guest of our Republic Day Parade. Sigh !

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