The Glen

or so it seemed
‘till the creek
by persistent motion
carved a path through hard rock
Now, the waterfalls
pool far below the ridge
light pierces the narrow gap above
and dances
in reflected ribbons
mingling like threads
that weave hope in ripples
illuminating the cool, moss-filled shade
highlighting the brook
no longer trapped
as it flows gently
down the valley’s earthen bed
filling soft crevices
a thorough lover,
in currents
deep in the glen


Words and Photography ©2019 Tanya Cliff

Posted in poetry & free verse.

51 thoughts on “The Glen

      1. Indeed I am. Especially loving looking out my window at green rather than white. I love this time of year when everything is brand new. Hugs to you as well!

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    1. Thank you so much, Gina. The photos were taken in the Driftless Area, a region in the Midwestern US surrounded but untouched by the last glacier. It covers SE Minnesota, SW Wisconsin, and the respective corners of Iowa and Illinois. The whole region is marked by steep, heavily forested bluffs and deep river valleys. Beautiful, indeed. 😊

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      1. My pleasure, Gina, and thank you again for kindness and encouragement you sent my way during this last, long winter. It meant a lot to me. Peace and blessings your way.

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    1. Hi, Rob! I am still here, just having a super busy summer. I have been traveling a lot since May. One more big trip, and then I will get some new posts up. Miss you! Hope everything is good your way.


    1. Hi, Kevin! Everyone here is great. I have had an incredibly busy Spring/Summer with lots of new projects and adventures. I will be back to posting soon. I miss my writing and blogging friends! Hope everything is good your way. 🥰


    1. Hi, Jennie! Sorry for the slow response. Thank you, and all is good here. I have been traveling a lot the last few months and getting ready for some exciting changes. I will post more as soon as I can.

      Hope you are having a wonderful fall! I look forward to getting caught up with you and all our WP friends.

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  1. Oh my dear Tanya!!really i am sorry to give comment on your all post.actually i have lost your don’t know.your poem is so much lovely and sweet having a inspirational message.if one person can try then he achieves successes by doing efforts in the glen type fields.last lines are so much amazing like a diomond”A thorough lover……”marvellous,dear🌷🌷🌷🌷💕💕💕💕

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    1. Hi, Aruna! I am hoping to be back to posting in the next few weeks with new poems, short stories, essays and updates. Thank you for checking in! Means a lot to me. 😘😘😘


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