The Playlist

Back from the dead
The tomb did not consume
I am being dramatic
It was just an MRI
It felt like a tomb,
except for the meditation music
I could have selected Alternative Rock
Is there a Spotify playlist across the River Styx?
What tunes comfort that lonely sail?
I don’t know; it was just an MRI
You enter an MRI breast scan face-down,
midsection supported by a narrow bar, breasts—
one still bruised from biopsy—dangling,
Don’t move, for 45 minutes
It is uncomfortable
I am not being dramatic
Technicians cover your eyes with a warm cloth before you enter,
pipe music through headphones
to distract you
from the loud bangs, clicks, whirs
of the mechanical tomb
You choose the tune,
The playlist, so you don’t forget
This isn’t a tomb
Don’t move
It felt like a tomb—
cramped, ill-fitted, distressing, dark
I am back
I am not being dramatic
I am struck by the light at the end of the MRI tunnel
Comforted by the playlist


©2020 Tanya Cliff



rain hits the piano keys
forms melodies
wrung from storms
to the untrained ear
like woodland-creature footfalls on fresh snow
by the pulse of life
notes of the living
bittersweet, sometimes sweet, sonatas

the dissonant chords
consonant chords
in harmonically progressive orbits
that create cloudy tempests

the wind wrings the clouds
and rain falls
striking the piano keys of life


Words and Photography ©2019 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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Out Dancing…

Happy Labor Day to my US friends. I wish you and all my blogging friends around the world a blissful place to dance.  ( 📸: Alannah Cliff)

MUNA, live from Honda Stage in NYC: