35 thoughts on “A Harmonic Haiku

  1. “Release broken melodies” This one is beautiful and one of my favorites as I can so relate to ” release broken melodies ” as I am going through a challenging time. I know little music theory, but enough to know the minor chords can be so beautiful! Minor and beautiful! A good reminder for me to meditate on. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts!

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      1. Hey, Tanya! Well I would be happy to send you some warmth, but we are fresh out. Yesterday, we had a spring like day in the 70’s.

        Today, pouring rain and a huge drop in temps! And it will be even colder as the week goes on…along with more rain. We do need that “wet stuff,” but Socal residents do not know how to navigate the roadways in rain! We are complainers; we cry for rain and when we get some, we cry because it is inconvenient!

        Sorry but you’ll have to look elsewhere for the warmth…

        Hope your day is going well, besides the cold!


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      2. Well, if I took one degree from each of the cities in the LA Basin, it would probably send you to fetch your flip-flops and shorts!


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      3. Did you feel it was of any value to you? Probably only in thought…Hope your day is going well. It is in the 50’s here with rain predicted all afternoon. Cali needs the rain so badly!


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      1. Lol…Well, you can probably manage 5-7-5 if you try…all the fingers of one hand three times + two cookies at the middle line…easy…and you get two cookies for your effort. (Can you tell I have children?)


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