59 thoughts on “A Haiku Birth

      1. Will do, Steve. I’m going to be in the kitchen cooking up a storm with my kiddos…they each picked a different dessert to make for the week…Lol😊
        Just going to line them up and get my hands dirty.
        Have a wonderful day!

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      2. Sounds sooo good! I’m going to have a “taste” of all things good, but I’m looking to drop 20 pounds. What a crummy way to eat! (get it, “crummy?” It feels like all I eat is just the crumbs from the table…) Oh well.

        Enjoy your days with the “kiddos!” You deserve it, I am sure!


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      3. No…I can’t afford the calories of all those wonderful little delicacies and treats myself. But they smell so good as they bake!


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