A Warming Tanka

white blankets the earth

frigid air through forest blows

my child with bare legs

while plants sleep tucked under snow

your pants I warm by the fire


On the coldest days of the year, please remember that someone in your town is homeless.

Words and Photography ©2016 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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36 thoughts on “A Warming Tanka

  1. This reminds me of living in Alaska. We hardly ever wore winter type clothing besides hats and gloves. People would see pictures of us and think we were insane. After living there for so long thought…we just didn’t notice it so much. 😉

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    1. Too funny…On our coldest day of the year (something below zero), one of my sons headed up to the neighbors to discharge his “cat-sitting” duties. He had a short sleeve shirt, shorts and his boots with no socks on. He did throw his coat on but didn’t bother to zip it…Lol
      Not me…I wrap in wool…😊⛄

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      1. Ha! My sister once asked why my son (about 8 at the time) only had a hoodie on while there was a pile of snow behind him that was at least 10 foot tall. I told her it was about 40 degrees that day…practically a heat wave in Alaska that time of year and he didn’t need one. She laughed and said…I kept thinking, I know she’s a good mom so why is that kid in a hoodie!!’ LOL

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    1. Lol…Good morning, Rick! The pictures make me cold, but that’s what it looks like outside my window also. I’m going to finish my coffee by the fireplace…Lol
      Have a wonderful day!⛄


      1. I did, thank you! Spent most of Christmas night at the family get-together. We ate good food, had some gifts, played some games, watched some football, etc. Got home from the 2 hour drive and watched “Scrooge!” It was a nice evening…


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      2. Sounds like a great night! My children’s favorite of the Christmas movies is “Elf”…Lol
        I would pick “It’s a Wonderful Life”, but “Elf” does consistently produce giggles…😊⛄

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      3. I’m with you, Tanya on the movie comments. I always look for “It’s a Wonderful Life,” and I love “A Christmas Carol” even more so. “Elf” is a cute movie and does put a smile on one’s face… 🙂

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      4. Oh, I’ll bet that was a very good play! It would be interesting to see the story played out live on stage. You have a great day and a happy new year, Tanya!!


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    1. Lol…too funny.
      I will NEVER understand my children (two oldest boys, specifically) heading out in the winter in their shorts. Although, I will admit, I ran out in my pajamas and boots to get the snowman picture before he completely fell apart…Lol (but not in shorts!)

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      1. Well, I am glad you did not slip and fall on your pajama bottoms! When I drove my kids to school, I would see high school girls in 15 degree weather wearing flip flops. Go figure.

        I remember one argument with my son who refused to take a coat to a football game as a marching band member on a cold autumn night. I said my job as a parent is to make you take this coat. Your job is to bring it back. Now, whatever you choose to do with it while there is your business. When we got there, he was wearing the coat.

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      2. Lol…I always make them take their coats and mittens and things in the car…same idea. I figure, if they get cold, they will wear them…and they usually do.😊


  2. My kids seem oblivious to the fact that we live in a cold climate. They have a mom who runs out in her pj’s and boots to get a picture in the middle of winter, so I guess they come by it naturally! I can’t say too much about it.

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  3. Reblogged this on TANYA CLIFF and commented:

    As the weather dips to cold temperatures in my corner of the globe, I am sharing an old post as an encouragement to remember the homeless and poor in this holiday season. Happy Holidays to all my blogging friends around the world!


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