A Satisfying Tanka

children drop dry crumbs

clumsy with their forks and thumbs

bold house mice feast large

every dear life in my house

fills to the full its belly


We cannot expect children to thrive on empty stomachs. Please consider donating to your local food pantry and global hunger relief programs today.

Words and Photography ©2016 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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27 thoughts on “A Satisfying Tanka

      1. Dogs will drool over just about anyone…Cats are specific. They love me.
        Neighbor cat flops on his back at my feet and purrs until I pet his belly, and then he really purrs…Lol


      1. Then somewhere you have a little drop of Welsh blood. The kitchen is where we live. Warm, friendly, comforting … a typical Welsh kitchen is the heart of the house. And nobody goes hungry while there’s food to be had.

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  1. Of course, I hope none of that cake missed the mouth of your son and ended up on the floor. That would be a waste of good chocolate. The five second rule may have to apply with cake.

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  2. I like the messy and COZY part. Just got back from our daughter’s family for Christmas (which gleefully included their 2-year-old) and I told her how comfortable her home was, not just the physical environment but the emotional ease that is there. Not everything has to be perfectly in place, perfectly done. I’ve been in the converse of that, and it’s not fun.

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