North Dakota Republicans Want to Protect Drivers Who Hit DAPL Protesters*

Weary of protest ~ impatient, itching fingers ~ pen bills dressed to kill~ (My Haiku of Utter Dismay) Hopefully, ND lawmakers have more sense than this…

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North Dakota Republicans Want to Protect Drivers Who Hit DAPL Protesters*

Pro-pipeline state lawmakers are proposing a rash of bills that will criminalize protests and put protesters lives in danger.

Water protectors in North Dakota may need to be more careful when crossing the street if a proposed bill to exempt drivers who “unintentionally” hit or kill pedestrians who are blocking traffic is passed.

Republican state lawmaker Keith Kempenich introduced legislation to make an exemption for drivers who unintentionally injure or kill pedestrians who are obstructing traffic on public roads.

“It’s shifting the burden of proof from the motor vehicle driver to the pedestrian,” Rep. Keith Kempenich, R-Bowman, told the Bismark Tribune.

Kempenich’s 72-year-old mother-in-law was blocked by a group of protests on a roadway and he admits the law specifically targets protesters.

It’s shocking to see legislation that allows for people to literally be killed for exercising their…

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13 thoughts on “North Dakota Republicans Want to Protect Drivers Who Hit DAPL Protesters*

      1. The bill was introduced by a lawmaker whose mother was delayed by protesters in the road. The idea that something like that would result in a bill that would give someone driving a car a license to kill a pedestrian is insane.

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      2. This shows the nature of brutal, self-centered, privileged people. You know … if someone gets in their way, they simply remove them … by any means. And the Indigenous Peoples know this better than anyone, I think, as they have constantly been victims of this deeply ingrained mentality. Thankfully (and surely) not everyone in the ND Legislature is filled with such vile poison.

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