The Writer’s Arrow 2

Little quill on an inkwell rests. The keyboard idles in its frame. Moguls in stretch limos arrive for Coronation Day, mere minions surfing the golden-crested wave of hair soon to fill the ever hollow crown. Silence echoes your nothings. A raccoon digs at the ice on your frozen koi pond with intensity that chips his claws. He needs to drink.

The poor thirst. Their bodies wither.

You sip a cool drink of Evian while you surf the net on your cell phone. You shake your head in dismay at the state of the world and such things.

No one sees you from your leather chair with the oversized ottoman where your feet rest crossed. Your finger slides on the screen of your phone and leaves a greasy streak behind. You wipe it with your sleeve. At least your sleeve has found a purpose. It polishes your screen so you can read the dismal headlines clearly. That picture of starving refugees from Sudan sparkles. You glide your finger across the screen, magically erasing it from view.

Don’t you see the problem?

Your fingers are uncommitted. They simply flip through the pages of life, smudging the screen with the oils of indifference. How can you sit there? Why are you stagnant? Your country is about to crown a Baron King in the oasis of the global desert.

Little quill on an inkwell rests.

Writer from passion rests.

World thirsts.


Words and Photography ©2017 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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49 thoughts on “The Writer’s Arrow 2

  1. Tanya, this is marvelously done. You sneak up on us with the natural state of reading a fingerprinted screen in a big comfy chair. “Your fingers are uncommitted” is a very powerful admonishment. “Liking” something is not advocacy. We need far more to get up out of their chairs and do something. I did read this morning that volunteerism has been on the rise for several years. That is a good sign, but we need to drag our politicians along with us and question those who argue against evidence for industry’s sake. Volunteerism should not do the job by itself, so advocacy is needed.

    Well done, my dear. Keith

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    1. Thank you, Keith! You made some really important points. We help others by “doing”. We raise awareness by “speaking” and “writing”…and “peacefully protesting”. It all involves doing. We aren’t “doing” enough. I really appreciate the feedback, my friend, as always!

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      1. Tanya, thanks. Peaceful protest and civil discourse are critical to this process. We need folks to hear what is said and a more impactful voice is a reasoned one as well as using the two ears we have to listen to what others say. Keith

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  2. Wow…images keep popping into my mind here. That’s the first job of the writer, to fill heads with pictures and the thoughts which go with them. A very good job, Tanya.


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      1. As I’ve said before, I love your writing style and descriptive prose and poetry! You are talented, Tanya, no doubt about that! Enjoy your Wisconsin day… 🙂

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      1. It raises it (or reduces it) to the level it should be at. Alas: the world is wondering and waiting — at a more serious level, there may be some very grave consequences. Hopefully, we will all survive.

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      2. When you get the chance, you’ll have to catch my little one minute video for today. I think I hit the nail on the head with my quirky hammer…Lol
        hehe…I think you will appreciate it. Survival would be a good thing.

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