Violating Haiku

an oily gold rush ~

flows out from the frack-raped earth ~

Mother’s black-inked tears


boys rush the Bakken ~

covet all precious treasure ~

shatter the girls’ gems


when Females are raped ~

shouldn’t all be shocked and wonder ~

what through pipeline flows?



(Rape and sexual assault against women and girls have skyrocketed in the communities surrounding the Bakken Oil Fields since fracking began, increasing by some estimates more than 160%. These crimes have disproportionately impacted Indigenous females who live on the area’s reservation.)

Words and Photography ©2017 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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37 thoughts on “Violating Haiku

    1. Thanks, Lacey! The Bakken Oil Fields are a repeat of a history that has played itself out too many times. If you listen to the stories of some of these girls, it is heartbreaking. The last one I heard was a four year old girl…


      1. Indeed! The information you’ve shared is shocking and deeply saddening … but it needs to be known, so thank you for putting it out there! All the best to you w/peace and blessings!

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  1. Tanya, this is an extremely clever metaphor to define what trashing our environment means, but especially geared toward fracking.

    The author ( aWSJ reporter) of the book called “The Frackers” which looks more favorably at the leaders behind the fracking industry made the following conclusion a few years ago. Fracking is not as bad as environmentalists say, but is less safer than what the frackers say. He said history well tell us which end of the spectrum is more correct. Note, history is already showing fracking is on less safer side plus, it is taking a lot of water to do.

    Yet, in this same book, George Mitchell, the father of modern day fracking said fracking is only as safe as your worst operator. He was being kind, becaause even the bigger companies find it difficult. It is telling, before he died, Mitchell had become an advocate for renewable energy.


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    1. Thank you, Keith! Great comment. You know I am a huge proponent of renewable energy, as I know you are. It is hard to continue to watch the damage that gets done in the name of “progress” that isn’t. Real progress is being made in renewable energy, especially in solar storage. We need to keep educating and pushing.

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  2. Good grief talented girl this is an incredibly clever, revealing and well written poem! I love how you bring up such an important subject also using the technique of haiku AND it’s beautiful to boot! How you manage all three is beyond me, I’m more than impressed by this, it’s exquisitely written xo

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    1. Thank you so very much! I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I e-mailed you this morning. The softcover book is up in Amazon, and I debuted at #1 in Asian poetry! It is such a great cause. I’m giddy. ❤

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      1. I saw the note about debuting at number one in Asian poetry you are SO DESERVING and I’m so proud of you my friend! I shall for sure be reviewing this for South Florida Magazine it will be my honor. You deserve this and so much more, and you are an inspiration to me my friend, for being so giving to others. Thank you so much for being the light for so many of us, and well done, I hope you treat yourself to something good it is important to congratulate yourself and be proud of yourself – though we all are for you too! HUGS I will check emails when I get home xo

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