The Ricochet

“I got it”
yelled the boy
as feathers went flying
the body hit the ground with a soft thud

it was his first kill
with this year’s birthday present
in his grandma’s backyard

a pellet gun
aimed carefully

“lads will be lads”
said the dad
his strapping young hunter
field dressing
a 12-point buck

“it’s just a bird”
said the mom
her son as a few of his tears
on the winged carcass

“what a shame”
said the granny
a few days later
upon discovering a nest


Words and Photography ©2017 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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65 thoughts on “The Ricochet

      1. With Trump in office, it’s not bright our future. He seems hell bent on reversing any good thing Obama did, and believe me, Obama didn’t do much good, but Trump is the anti-christ.

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      2. It’s not so much the entire nation but enough dumbass voters who are stupidly racists and uninformed.uneducated, to make this negative difference by electing another unskilled/unqualified doofus, to the white house.

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      3. Most humans are blissfully ignorant on issues until those issues directly effect/affect them. Thats sad. No compassion for others.

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    1. I often hit the “humor” tag for a part of something that I find funny. The overall piece is serious and heartbreaking, as you said, especially if you give it the “collateral damage” read. The “humor” for me, if you can call it that, was the dad’s ridiculous response to the boy’s “kill”. It the “my kid, the Olympic champion” mentality. The overall piece isn’t funny. I agree, completely! I love that you brought that up. Thank you! It was a great observation.


  1. This is so powerful, Tanya. There is not a word out of place. It is sensible, poetic and striking. Reminding us to be observant of the big picture, the ripple effects of our mindless actions. I love it. Thank you for sharing it. ❤

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