Where Breath Failed

where breath failed
and tongues were tied
in ropes of persecution
dark words
caught on the lips
moistened by endless tears
rolled off the chin
filling ink-well pools

empty pens
in dehydrated hands
dipped to quench the thirst
of parched minds’ papers
leaving fluid trails
that dried
on the skin
of humanity’s


Words and Photography ©2017 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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41 thoughts on “Where Breath Failed

      1. If he is not into baiting his hook, let him try casting, the type of fishing where a lure is used instead of live bait. Thats a bit more active fishing instead of casting his line out and just sitting there waiting for the fish to bite.

        Casting is a repeated casting of the line with the lure, to attract fish to the lure. In case you didn’t know casting.

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      2. Cast fishing is fun, it’s especially fun for kids who just may get bored throwing a line into the water and patiently waitin on a fish to bite, casting is actively seeking out the fish instead of waiting for the fish to find your baited hook. Enjoy and keep me posted, please.

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