34 thoughts on “A Hopeful Haiku

    1. Thank you so much! My apologies for missing so many of your posts. I limited my days reading through wordpress during the holiday season, but I was missing a lot of good posts. I’m trying to get back out each day again. 😊😊

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      1. Yes….the weather people told today, we get snow later this week here too. Only the a plus when it comes down to killing mosquitoes and creating wonderful photo’s and other art…but I had enough of Winter 😉

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      2. Shovel? Start rolling a ball from your front-door to the street….much more fun and you end up with the belly of a snowman 🙂 Still fun to do, at any age, I believe, haha

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      3. Hahaha….That would work until it hit the top of my driveway, which slopes down just enough feet to send that snowball belly rolling back to crush me. Death by Giant Snowball. I can see the headlines now. 😊😉😆

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