She Sings

why does she sing?

she turned 91, the old bird

her life’s mate was just caged in the nursing home
he can’t remember why
his once lengthy repertoire has been reduced to a few, sweet notes

her handicapped son still lives at home
needing her patient care
all he could ever do was chirp

the last of her friends died years ago
their songs now silent
she takes her coffee with younger generations
their noisy squawks sometimes give her a headache
but she never complains

she goes on singing, the old bird
and smiles and laughs
and shares a story
or ten

she sings
not because her life’s bird landed on a beautiful branch
in a flawless tree

she sings
as a bird in life’s tree
she can


for my Granny, who still tells the best stories and is an avid bird-watcher


Words and Photography ©2018 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

Posted in poetry & free verse.

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31 thoughts on “She Sings

  1. Well sung, Tanya. People in their nineties tend to be in much better shape than some younger seniors. Singing, or some other passion, makes it happen. I remember the Steve Harvey show last summer with octagenerians.. They each continued to do something they loved. Take care and hug (or sing with) granny, Keith

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