Life Answered

Life answered in the simplest ways, abundant

the velvety richness of the chocolate bundt cake
garnished with hand-whipped cream
and raspberries
baked for a great aunt’s birthday
by a daughter
watching a daughter, she knows as mom,
care for her grandmother
who is fighting to be able
to eat chocolate bundt cake together next year
and the year after

Life answered…

in the soft petals of flowers
in the persistent rubs of a loving cat
in the weight of feet of snow removed
with the orange-scooped shovel
by the strapping son, too soon a man
in the margins edged with ink and lace
in the intoxicating rhythm of the hang drums
ringing from the mountainside
in songs shared, life’s playlist, revealing
inside, by the fire, glass of wine and book in hand
pleasures so simple
even Henry Miller could not complain
in NCAA basketball games won, or lost
it doesn’t matter to me
provided my youngest is cheering with me
in co-conspiratorial conversations
with the writer-son who love/hates writing
and gets it done
in the shared laughs over entirely inappropriate things
yes. please.
and the voice who says, “you’re not alone”

in the velvety richness of chocolate bundt cake shared

Life answered…



Words and Photography ©2019 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

Posted in poetry & free verse.

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