Hands long for the warmth of flesh
to touch
to hold
to love

The torn social fabric

Covers our mouths

Shielding us




This day, too, shall pass—
it always does—
not fast enough for most,
far too quickly for some…

We Mourn

Like doves, tossed in the storm,
Like sheep, led to the slaughter,
Like lone wolves…


We howl at the insensitive moon.

It waxes.

It wanes.

It cycles.

We will sort through the carnage—
we always do—
and comfort each other
And mend the social fabric
Breathe the fresh air
And Celebrate…


…pandemic, DISTANT

©️2020 Tanya Cliff

27 thoughts on “Distant

  1. This is fantastic Tanya… I love these lines:

    This day, too, shall pass—
it always does—
not fast enough for most,
far too quickly for some…

    While I suppose this is always true, right? In reality the truth of these lines is punching us in the gut every day now.

    Very thoughtful reflection on these crazy days we are in the midst of…

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    1. Thank you, Eugi! I am glad it resonates. Like a lot of us, I go back and forth about whether to address the craziness we are all living in or to stick to inspiring poetry and pieces that distract. I am opting for a bit of both. I am glad you liked this. ❤️

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      1. You are welcome, Tanya. It is a whirlwind for teachers right now. There is so much to learn in order to teach online. Of course connecting with preschoolers is even harder as they need to physically see you. I’m staying safe and healthy. You, too. 🙂

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    1. Everyone is good here. We are getting outside every day and enjoying spring, starting seeds for the garden and preparing for a flock of chickens. Trying to find the positives in a scary time. Hang in there! My best to everyone your way.

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