14 thoughts on “Cyber Dinner is Socializing

  1. My wife and I started a Facebook messages thread last night called, ‘What’s for dinner’. We invited friends to post pictures of their meals. Things got a little silly and made us all laugh.
    I’m thankful for our friends and family, that includes you, Tanya, and everyone else who is so generous with their talent.

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      1. Hi Tanya, we are just beginning to get cases, but it is very scary for the poor people in our country who can’t afford to get sick or be off work for prolonged periods. Stay safe my friend. xxx

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    1. Hanging in there. I am just getting ready to start the garden, and I have some chicks on the way…I miss fresh eggs. Lol
      It seemed like a good time to get back into it. 🐣
      My kids are excited. It is a good distraction.

      Stay safe!

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