Coronation Day ~ a Triple Haiku

Richard Two betrayed ~
The Tower receives a king ~
Lancaster takes throne


Rumor plays her game ~
yet Percy’s rebels disMADE ~
Hal fills “Hollow Crown”


fair France do beware ~
this Truth history books unfold:
blood spills at kings’ feet


Words and Photography ©2017 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hollow Crown plays: “Henry III” and “Henry IV parts I and II”.

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24 thoughts on “Coronation Day ~ a Triple Haiku

      1. I am…hope yours is good too, even if you are so busy! I have mixed emotions today where the country is concerned. But I am trying to take and encourage a Godly view of it all…

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      2. I agree that what we do ourselves is the most important thing, both to God and to others. I just wish our country’s leaders would believe and follow a more Godly path…


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  1. Tanya, I agree that the man believes he is more king than president, so your reference is not without merit. With my concern over the environment the next four years, I am reminded of “After the Gold Rush” by Neil Young. Here is the first stanza.

    Well, I dreamed I saw the knights
    In armor coming,
    Saying something about a queen.
    There were peasants singing and
    Drummers drumming
    And the archer split the tree.
    There was a fanfare blowing
    To the sun
    That was floating on the breeze.
    Look at Mother Nature on the run
    In the nineteen seventies.
    Look at Mother Nature on the run
    In the nineteen seventies.

    I just hope Mother Nature won’t be on the run under this man.

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      1. Tanya, if our government cedes the mantle of environmental leadership, then private industry and foundations will assume it. Several businesses told ALEC they would no longer support them if they continued their climate change hoax posture, which they did. Fortunately, we are passed the tipping point on renewable energy, with its declining cost and even The Donald cannot stop it. Keith

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      2. One key is to educate people so that they really understand all the progress in renewable energy. It is an important issue. Thank for the comment, Keith! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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