A Wall Built High

how can we build a wall high enough to keep “evil” out?

with children’s buckets of sand
stolen by the kindergarten bully,
a molded garrison
wet with their tears –
youth’s hording


with sticks and stones
and mountains of bones
of broken bodies
decayed on the ground –
states’ colonizing

with bricks and mortar
mixed with the ashes
of cremated remains
from gas-filled

it sounds simple
like child’s play –
steal from one
allow another to



a wall built high

I think when he says, “keep ‘evil’ out”,
he really means,


Words and Photography ©2017 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me.

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29 thoughts on “A Wall Built High

      1. I don’t think people care, until things like this directly effect/affect them. People are for the most part very self-centered. I liked this piece, you continue to do great work.

        How are the family doing?

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      2. Agreed and thank you! Everyone is good, thank you for asking. They are learning a lot from watching this part of history unfold. It’s difficult but important.


  1. Tanya, nicely done. This unconstitutional travel ban will do little to help with terrorists, and in fact, will do the opposite. As you note, most terrorists are already here, as converts or as domestic hate groups (over 1,000). Plus, by ostracizing Muslims, it disenfranchises those here and abroad who could help.The best action against extremists is to have a diverse, successful society. The Mayor of London being Muslim is a huge sign against ISIS, e.g.

    A wall will cost far more than estimated to buld, acquire property and maintain. It will also do very little to help the economy and some industries will be harmed, such as the construction and farmers.

    But, these comments, while true, don’t fit on a bumper sticker. Just because the man reached folks who felt their opinions did not matter, does not mean what he told them was well thought out or even trustworthy, given his record. When people say he is doing what he said, that is debatable, but when he is it does not necessarily mean that it is a good course.


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  2. Thought-provoking situation with many entertaining parodies Tanya. The wall which divided East and West Berlin, WWII, Nazis all come to mind with today’s Neo-judicial Nazis. Did it work? These times, those times… Wartime, poster… Much to ponder about when the enemy today is within. Building bridges may not be such a bad concept (s), either. :-\

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  3. Thanks for sharing Tanya, it made me think of Paul Simon:
    “They got a wall in China
    It’s a thousand miles long
    To keep out the foreigners
    They made it strong
    And I got a wall around me
    That you can’t even see
    It took a little time
    To get next to me”

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