U.S. Army Corps To Grant Final Permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline: Court Filing

The treatment of this country toward our Indigenous brothers and sisters continues to be appalling. Every time we discover a resource or use for their treaty negotiated lands, we take them. My heart goes out to all those who have bravely fought this battle. We must continue to fight. #noDAPL

8 thoughts on “U.S. Army Corps To Grant Final Permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline: Court Filing

    1. I’m not surprised, but I’m sad. People don’t understand. Many of the folks who showed up at Standing Rock left behind drugs and alcohol and found a purpose, including the youth. What message are we sending? What are they left with? I’m livid. Thanks, Don…I know I’m not alone.


    1. It is horrible. When I think of the people who showed up, many of them setting aside drugs and alcohol, and peacefully fought for their treaty-negotiated lands and waters, I’m just livid. It is always the end they receive. We have to change that. Thanks for adding your voice to this, Steven.


      1. Tanya, as much as I detest the government’s actions and the awful outcome for our native Americans, I must hold fast to God’s promise that he will use the pain for purpose and He will make all things right and good in His time. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your compassion and heart.

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      2. There has been a seed of purpose planted in the Indigenous youth of America. My hope would be for that to continue and grow, but they need to win sometimes. They need to see the fruit of their hard work. I want to see that day, Steven. Good can come out of this, if they continue to get the right support and people continue to stand with them.

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