to rainy beat
through the open window
the storm’s falling tears beckon me
carry me on waves through tempest-tossed night
I cascade over waterfalls
and drift on oceans calm
wash up on shore


Words and Photography ©2017 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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39 thoughts on “Dreaming

      1. As they say, every day on earth is supposed to be a blessed day. Just not so much for everybody. Love you and your inspirational words.

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      2. It is a shared honor, my Brother! I get so much encouragement from our interactions and those I have with some of the other like-minded, caring souls out there. We keep each other standing strong!

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      3. Umoja we Are. We should start a blog organization of like minded bloggers from all walks of life. Call it something like “Bloggers Umoja.”

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      4. It’s an idea, maybe when you find some free spare down time, we can kick the idea around, see what happens. Being a busy mom means you don’t have a lot of free time.

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      1. We find verse forms that suit us and then we expand with them and play with them. It’s a sort of niche structure and differs for each on of us. Nothing better than a poetry comfort zone that you can then manipulate and make uncomfortable!

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      2. Every time..I’m going through the final re-write on the “free” book of my old fantasy novel series. Even that has been a new bike. It is a light year from where it began. I’m riding anew.

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