My Intergalactic Trip

I tried to visit a planted called #MAGA
in a galaxy far, far away
applied for an intergalactic Visa
but I was rejected
on the grounds
of my planet’s
dark brown coffee beans

#MAGAns exclusively lap vanilla cream
from crystal bowls
on silver platters
they’ve placed an interstellar ban
on all forms of caffeine
and caffeinated beverages
like me

so I stole away aboard a pirate space ship –
“The Percolator” –
in hopes to steal of view
of a #MAGAn or two
while some dark roast was traded
on a black market
to #MAGAns grown weary
of vanilla cream

we sailed an orbit all around #MAGA
only to discover
an impenetrable, atmospheric barrier
to keep our brew away

our captain, Java the Hutt,
laughed maliciously
as we flew through space
in search of a market –
a weary planet in need of a jolt

Captain Java bellowed,
“Foolish #MAGAns!
In fear of the indigestion they think caffeine will bring,
they have severed their sole supply of vanilla cream.
With milk delivery routes from the planet Magnesia
entirely stopped up
the entire #MAGAn civilization is doomed
to thirst, ache and explode.”


Words and Photography ©2017 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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51 thoughts on “My Intergalactic Trip

      1. Sad thing is America was never great, so it’s logically impossible for America to return to something it never was. 😎 😛

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      2. Exactly, which is why I was hoping #MAGA was some distant planet…WI is a big dairy state. About half our farm workers are immigrants, and about 3/4 of those are undocumented. Who is going to do that work? We need to thank them and provide better wages and living conditions for them, not send them away. 😉

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      3. Taking your statement about Wisconsin dairy workers into account, imagine California and other states that use immigrant/migrant workers at harvest time, or undocumented workers who wait tables, do janitorial labor, lawn maintenance, maids & busboys. Nationwide the workforce that is undocumented is magnificent in size.

        And you asked the vitally important question, in Trumps dumbass world, with them all deported or gone, who will do that type of labor for those wages.

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      4. No one. We used to donate to a food pantry that a lot of migrant farm workers used seasonally. Those people worked like dogs for nothing. To be treated like this is unjust in the extreme.

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      5. When we ask the question “why don’t someone do something about that injustice” we ignore we are The “someone.”

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  1. Interesting reading, especially if one reads between the lines with some imagination and knowledge of the current political climate…was that intended? Fun reading!


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      1. Now, did you really think you had to tell me that? I had that one figured out already, lady! There’s always something which must be done…


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      2. People who are alive with vitality and creativity are seldom idle. You certainly fit that bill! Hey, I’m signing off for the weekend so you have a great one. We’ll be talking…


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