46 thoughts on “A Haiku Uncoiling

      1. I would say that people are easily misled by the sound bites, but Trump’s sound bites were often appalling and/or stupid. There is a reality to the history of this country that we need to exam and teach.

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      2. Trumps strategist team was brilliant. They knew racism was a major issue with certain voters following Obama, so they tuned into those racist fears and he won easily. Thats The United Slave States Of AmeriKKKlan for you.

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      3. They were certainly able to play a particular sound bite up to a disheartening number of people. I really didn’t think he had any chance of winning. I don’t live in an area where he won a lot of votes though.

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      4. His team appealed to the base that has extremely high numbers in USA, racists caucasian, specifically racists caucasian unemployed males/females….who are dirt poor and will never benefit under a trump presidency….but are staunch racists.

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  1. Fracking is indeed viper, with its poisonous fluid to be released into our water. Not to mention the released methane into our air and most importantly the significant use of our dear virgin water. Sorry to mix metaphors at the end.

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