what does a ban say
on a sunny Easter Day


starving children,
the moaning human refuse
for posterity
in refugee wastelands
must starve
sheltered youth,
plump and spoiled
dressed in pressed watercolors
not junk yard soiled
are allowed free run
on a White House lawn
to hunt for candy-filled eggs

what does a ban say
on a sunny Easter Day


this year
the Easter Bunny voted
rolled his eggs for Trump


children, impoverished,
hunted meals
from the dump

what does a ban say
on a sunny Easter Day



Words and Photography ©2017 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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43 thoughts on “What?

    1. Thank you, Roger! These give me pause before I hit publish, so I appreciate the feedback. Hope you had a nice weekend. I need to catch-up on your blog. We got busy! Is it warming up there? I have my windows all open here.

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      1. It was warmer, but now it’s dipped back down again. We had spring birds in though … Purple Finches, American Goldfinches, Robins … that’s a good sign. The river crested and is on its way back down, but we have 15 cms of snow forecast for some parts of the province. Double yuck!

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      2. It must have been a difficult poem to write. We are living in times when the two extremes of society, the very very rich and the very, very poor just don’t seem to understand each other. Perhaps that’s why “Barbie in the Garbie” made such an impression. The visual is sometimes more effective than the words, though the combination of both can also overwhelm.

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      3. When I write a piece like this, I feel like I am verbally bashing people over the head. I don’t begrudge anyone their joy in life. I’ve been blessed in my own. That said, if we really care, we share. For my own kids that has meant teaching them to set aside things they sometimes want so they can help someone else. When I see pictures of starving babies in refugee camps, it breaks my heart. It needs to break us enough to compel us to do something about it.

        btw, I will be placing my Amazon order this week! I’m excited. I have a friend who is going to be really blessed reading your new book, Roger!

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  1. They sent my first batch to me this morning, so it should arrive later this week, or early next. I am looking forward to seeing it in print. Thank you for your support and I do hope the book lives up to expectations. I trust and hope it will help your friend. That is what it is designed to do: show where people have walked before … it’s not an easy book in many ways.

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    1. She is a cancer survivor from years ago, but she has also lost several close relatives to the disease. I know it will mean a lot to her. I love getting the books in print for the first time! That is an exciting moment for a writer!

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      1. I don’t have the proper words to express what I feel about the children of war. Yes I do: Hatred, Rage, Disgust, Helplessness, Rage, Anger….

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      2. We are helpless against a government that glorifies war. Bloody revolution against this current administration is the only way and that means more bloodshed here at home. Sadly there is no solution to peace without death.

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      3. I certainly hope we can find solutions. That said, we have a president who ordered a bombing, and his approval rating goes up. We fight with drones. We separate ourselves from suffering through bans and walls. It is discouraging. The few bright notes in history (Wilberforce and the slave trade ban in the UK, for example, are few)…Still I hope. We have a long way to go.

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    1. Hi, Dermott! I was thinking specifically about the ban on Syrian refugees, but I also had in mind the migrant dairy workers in my state who are “hiding” to keep from being deported. Moms and dads are shopping separately and staying out of public as much as possible. These people make up a huge portion of the dairy workers in WI, doing hard work no one else wants for pennies. You didn’t see their children at public egg hunts this year.

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      1. That’s what I thought it meant – the ‘Muslim’ ban – and yes, I agree but I’m shocked by how inured we become to viewing such images today either because we doubt what we see, have been stripped of our human reference points or we’re simply brain weary and worn out by the mountain of images with which we’re bombarded daily. Your poem did prompt me to write a poem that I called ‘Where have all the heroes gone?’

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      2. I’ll be sure to read your poem.
        The images horrify me, and that spills out of my pen.
        I think, in many areas, the insensitivity to the plight of others is nothing more than greedy, hard hearts. They don’t want to see it or think about it, because they might be compelled to do something about it.
        But the suffering of children…
        It hurts my heart.

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  2. listen, a child

    the sounds of war
    echo in a young cry
    tell of
    collateral damage
    paid in flesh
    a starving belly
    a homeless head
    that dying baby
    nurses dust
    from the cracked nipple
    of a shattered nation



    1. listen, to a heart, child

      that beats in time
      with yours, still beats
      ears unstopped
      hear tympanic rythym
      eyes opened
      see wind-whipped,
      milky powder
      that engulfs and chokes you
      stirs it in hot coffee,
      and makes nursemaid
      of foreign shore

      listen, to a heart, child
      hears yours


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