32 thoughts on “A Reflected Haiku

    1. It was! I wish you had been there. This was a book club that did “Legend of the Lumenstones, 1 – 3”. The woman who hosted it has a property on the shores of Lake Michigan. She threw a banquet that looked like a Valdaren feast and even had “Lumenstones” for all the people who came. I have only met this woman a few times, and I was completely surprised by what she put together. It was a magical night, and the book received enthusiastic responses from the group. Many of them have followed up with reviews on Amazon. I am grateful.

      I thought about you while I was there. Hugs! 💕

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      1. What a lovely and thoughtful surprise the woman provided and yes, wish I’ve could have been there too. I am certain, I would have loved it. And you deserve good reviews, which reminds me, I’ve have to finish mine! The hot weather over here, dentist appointments and other distractions, but if all goes as planned…this week I will post it 😉 I embraced a new word ‘focus’, hope it helps, haha
        Till soon! XxX

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