Fins and Feathers

shall we travel together?
not back, but ahead
yet, look back
regretting neither float nor flight
that led fin and feather
to this place
look back and consider
we collected nothing
but memory
for all things pass
except love
even the shells we collected on the beach
filling our mesh bags
cracked and crumbled
we shook and sprinkled the remnants
through the gaps
over the chicken feed
the hens laid prolifically
we ate all the eggs
collecting nothing
but memory
”How long does a kiss stick to a cheek?” he asked.
”Forever, silly,” I answered.
even the cheek will fade to dust
as will our fins and feathers
only love will linger
now, let’s swim and soar, crossing
rivers deep and canyons wide
just passing
carrying memories in gossamer packages
spun by the living motions
of our fins and feathers
in float and flight
the love that lingers
bound forever to us, tight


Words and Photography ©2019 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

Posted in poetry & free verse.

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32 thoughts on “Fins and Feathers

    1. Thank you! The “kiss sticking” line was inspired by a children’s book, “Benito’s Dream Bottle”, and the back and forth exchange my oldest son and I had every time we read the book. 😊


  1. How beautifully connected we all are (I just posted a piece titled We Are Moments!), there is truth and sadness here as well as a lovely reminder to take it all in, every last bit, before we become memory ourselves!

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