The Lion Roared

the lion roared
he huffed and puffed and blew
the proverbial house down
not difficult
let’s face it
most houses are built by straw men –
scarecrows lacking brains
who trip down yellow roads made of brick
they should have built their houses out of

bacon is on the menu, boys
just ban the Muslim, Orthodox Jew or vegan
more for Maugrim and his pack to chew
while they patrol the White Witch’s frosty Narnia
free speech
will cost you more than a bite of Turkish Delight, Edmond
she’ll turn you into stone
at least the big, bad wolf can no longer blow you down

down…on your knee
the National Anthem is playing
down…in prayerful protest
down…in silence
down…we all fall down

freedom of speech includes the freedoms
to pray
to kneel
to be silent
down…to the back of the bus
make room for rest of us

down…like Aslan on the Stone Table –
a silent, sacrificial move to set dear Edmond free
caught in a symbolic theme –
the twisted rope of a children’s tale
no more
quiet, gentle Aesop’s mouse
gnaws through that binding straw cord
in peaceful protest of biased persecutions
once again,
set free
the lion roared


Words and Photography ©2017 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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49 thoughts on “The Lion Roared

      1. Thank you for posting good content, and you and the fam have a wonderful week as well. Stay out of trouble My Dear.

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      2. I’ve been in jail, it is somewhat an interesting experience. Well for me it was interesting, probably scary for the average human.

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      1. In my mind I’m sending sunshine in abundance! Wisconsin got “honorable mention” on the weather report this morning…big snow storm! Stay inside and wear a bunch of sweaters…(Oh, I can tell you love to write. And why not, we love to do what we do well!)

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  1. Thick layers of allusion after allusion. Very interesting writing technique with parallel narratives establishing themselves at various levels. Allusive-elusive, mind, if you haven’t read all the books or don’t remember the episodes!

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  2. Hi Tanya. I love the blending of stories, Narnia, three little pigs etc. to make your point. Good word choice! I reviewed your poetry book on Amazon. I enjoyed (wrong word, shudder) the read and especially the haiku. Will read again! Jane

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Tanya. My book is now on Kindle (also in paperback). The author is Alexandra Tims ( my first name) and the title is Meniscus: Crossing The Churn. I would love to know what you think of it! Jane

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  3. Thank you, Steve! Lewis, Tolkien and Rowling are big favorites of mine. They each teach powerful lessons in the realm of fantasy. They were my inspirations for writing in that genre.
    This was a fun piece to write!


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