53 thoughts on “A Writer’s Haiku

      1. Like most social media, it can be fun and it can be dangerous. A Ton of dumbasses who you never want to reveal your true self to….be safe always.

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      2. After the problems I had on Facebook, I’m taking it slowly on Twitter. It is a screwed up world we live in. Glad to have friends like you in it. We need to keep building up the voices speaking to human causes. It’s the one positive of a Trump…I think there is a push back that is growing.

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      3. Trump should never be POTUS. The mere fact dumbasses voted for him because he is caucasian, is proof voters should be forced to take a IQ test to prove they are capable of voting with common sense. He will cut 24 million Americans from healthcare bu 2020. I’ll bet you 24 million lives many of those cut from healthcare coverage will be poor caucasians who voted for him.

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      4. He has certainly exposed a lot of bigotry among his followers. It is difficult to comprehend. My brain still can’t get around Trump winning the election…healthcare, pipelines, military spending, walls and bans…the “dumb” list just goes on and on.


      5. His victory proves two things in USA. One is democracy indeed does work. Two is that an uneducated racists democracy will be the destruction of America.

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      6. We need to do away with the electoral college for one thing. I agree with you. If we don’t find a way to grow past racism, it will destroy us from within. It is a devastating force and always has been. This country was built on the backs of slaves and poor people on lands stolen from Indigenous Nations. Our first step needs to be honesty.

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