I Learned


I learned
from my children
to run outside on a winter day
in my pajamas and boots
to capture
a picture of a drop of frozen water on a leaf
across my icy pond
a jewel that sparkles
but only until the sun warms the air

I learned
from my children
to make brightly colored frosting
for sugar cookie adorning
to create
a spectacle of baked imagination
on glass cookie trays
but only until their bellies rumble

I learned
from my children
to paint with all ten fingers
on poster board canvas
to explore
fine art with reckless abandon
in bright, rainbow colors
but only until the filled paper tears

I learned
from my children
to throw out the rule book
with paper and pen
to define
our own invented games
through echoing giggles
but only until bedtime reckons

I learned
from my children
to pause once every night
with whispers and open arms
to embrace
each with all my heart
with loving reminders
but only until forever ends


Words and Photography ©2017 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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61 thoughts on “I Learned

      1. Oh boy, we are always learning and growing in love with our children as we go along. Hope Wisconsin weather is good to you today, and you have a fabulous day, my friend 🙂

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      2. I started out in Dallas, Tx. Was actually born there. But my dad hated the cold winters and when I was 2 yrs.old we moved to Ca. Been held prisoner here ever since! I’d like a place with the mild changes of the seasons, but it’s way too late to move now…

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      3. Oh there’s no doubt that Cali. weather is hard to beat for the sunshine. And there are the beaches and mountains within a couple of hours drive.

        It just that it is too much sun for my taste, to say nothing of the massive population and freeway system. Also, Ca. is far too liberal for my way of life. People must think I’m crazy…Lol! But I stand by my beliefs…


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      4. I will, my dear frozen friend! We are on “Storm Track” in the news/weather dept. here…it may rain .10 of an inch on Sunday! Temps could drop into the mid-50’s!! Wow…
        (Today is in the mid-70’s with loads of sunshine…)


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      1. 🙂

        It kinda reminds me of that song by CSNY – ‘Teach Your CHildren’, and the second stanza/ part goes ‘teach your parents well’.

        In today’s snazzy Beyonce world, these songs are often forgotten. Yet, they do teach and entertain

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  1. Yours is a family treasure. Your words express the joys of parenting better than many in “real life” experience. I smile every time you mention your family knowing you have so many memories in front of you yet to create.

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