petalled package
life flashes its allure
seduction in brilliant color
winged lover uncoils lusty proboscis
probing, scatters dust of pollen
taps a hidden delight
waking the seed


Words and Photography ©2017 Tanya Cliff ~ to contact me

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35 thoughts on “Within

      1. Another hot one here today. Going to be about 90 degrees in the ol’ SoCal desert regions…even hotter further south! Enjoy your day, Tanya and keep writting…it is such a pleasure to read your work!


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      2. Sending a double order! However, there is a spring shower and a 20 degree drop in temps. in our forecast. Aw…they’re probably wrong! Enjoy your day, and stay warm!


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      3. Hi, Steve! It is starting to warm back up. I’m grateful…thank you for the double order! I need to get outside and finish shooting my next Ken video. Have a great day!😊

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      4. I think it would impress some folks. I tried watching a bit of a movie called “Avatar” I believe last night. Just not for me…Some fantastic special effects however.

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