25 thoughts on “Too Pretty Haiku

      1. Well, as soon as I heard that Mr. Trump signed authorization to begin work again on the ND pipeline, I thought of you! I’m not surprised to see in the “Reader” that you have already written about it.

        Haven’t read it yet, but I’ll get over your way a bit later. I can only imagine how you feel…


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      2. Today I shared from The Whitechapel Welk…so they will have to take the credit for it. Trump’s actions are what I would have expected. He has share in one of the companies that profit from this.
        Hope you are having a good day! We are getting snowed in again here…Lol😊

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      3. The weather you are having is probably not helping your mood today. As for us, it is a very cool day, but we are drying out from days of rain. But we are tough here in California, by golly! Just don’t rain too much at one time, and please, no snow!!

        Trump is a business oriented man. He feels certain that if Americans have jobs, we will have roofs over our heads, and money to spend to stimulate the economy. AND…our nation will be happier.

        This is the main thrust of what and how he thinks. It is just “Trump!” He looks at things in a more pragmatic fashion. That’s what his supporters expect of him…and he has a number of supporters.

        I am leery of him in a number of ways, but willing to see just what he does in his first 100 days in office. There are checks and balances in the constitution which will limit the “damage” he might try to do. Just try to be calm in your soul, Tanya…


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      4. I don’t get upset about it, but I do feel the drive to post about it. People need only look at the pyramid scheme called Trump University to understand what is in this man’s heart.
        Thanks for the feedback, Steve!😊

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      5. I feel inclined to agree with you about Mr. Trump. I’m sure he will be challenged every day in one decision or another. I half way expect there will be a petition to remove him from office. However, that may be a major undertaking!

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      6. Well, on the positive, his comments draw attention to a lot of the hypocrisy in our system…if people care enough to hear it. Love of neighbor requires us to do that, I think.
        Have a great day, Steve!

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      7. Yes they do. And there is a lot of that in our political and governing system! I’m not sure how many people pay attention to it beyond a remark or two about it, but law makers and politicians are among the best at talking one way and acting another…

        You have a super day, my friend! 🙂

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